Centre for the Study of Social Change

and the Material Environment

Project of the Institute of Sociology – “Inconspicuous innovations and resilience in the urban context” – supported by the 2020 Lumina Quaeruntur award of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


08. 08. 2022

Two new papers on sustainable food production

Our member Petr Jehlička is a co-author of two new papers on sustainable food systems. The first paper, published in the prestigious Nature Sustainability, describes an agenda and examples for comprehensive agrifood system redesign according to the principles of sufficiency, regeneration, distribution, commons and care. The second paper, in Sociologia Ruralis, identifies and explores four concepts of food self-provisioning, uncovers their diverse epistemological underpinnings, and shows how they are a more radical variant of alternative food networks. More information about the publications can be found in the Research outcomes section.

21. 06. 2022

The second research note: The space behind the garden: Inconspicuous land-related care in Czechia

Anja Decker takes a close look at several examples of informal interventions in the material and organic environment she encountered during fieldwork in rural and suburban Czechia. Walking with her interlocutors across the area immediately behind their gardens, she learns how they creatively engage with the land bordering their private property. Among other things, they enable and maintain the accessibility of woodland, protect trees, erect visual barriers and establish productive gardens. While these actions arguably have immediate and rather significant effects, subvert ownership rights and anticipate the needs of human and non-human agents, her interlocutors present them as unspectacular, self-evident and matters-of-course practices. The author elaborates on the potential of exploring such inconspicuous practices when investigating informal, land-related acts of care and asks in what respect they can widen our understanding of political participation.