Centre for the Study of Social Change

and the Material Environment

Project of the Institute of Sociology – “Inconspicuous innovations and resilience in the urban context” – supported by the 2020 Lumina Quaeruntur award of the Czech Academy of Sciences.


03. 05. 2023

Third research note: Public Participation in Czech Cities: Democratic Deficit and the Monolithic West

Terezie Lokšová investigates how formal techniques for involving the public in the planning and designing of various buildings and public spaces spread throughout Czech cities. Current practices are often based on approaches that various organisations imported to us from abroad and which put more emphasis on the democratisation of society than the architectural aspect. This note explains why the origin of these approaches and their transfer to the Czech environment might be of interest to us and why it is worthwhile to conduct additional research.

08. 08. 2022

Two new papers on sustainable food production

Our member Petr Jehlička is a co-author of two new papers on sustainable food systems. The first paper, published in the prestigious Nature Sustainability, describes an agenda and examples for comprehensive agrifood system redesign according to the principles of sufficiency, regeneration, distribution, commons and care. The second paper, in Sociologia Ruralis, identifies and explores four concepts of food self-provisioning, uncovers their diverse epistemological underpinnings, and shows how they are a more radical variant of alternative food networks. More information about the publications can be found in the Research outcomes section.